‘Don’t You Forget About Me!’

By Amber Brookes​

How the eighties are making a significant impact on the pop culture of today.

With a society so engrossed in the future, it’s surprising that many of the latest trends come from the past. I think that it’s interesting to note, especially the younger generations, they’re somewhat avidly engrossed with their technology. The fact that acquiring the latest trend or appearing to have the most followers on social media sites is probably testimony enough for this. Most modern teens strive to compete for social hierarchy, socially or even academically. Without trying to pick out a generic stereotype for all of this, in some ways it hasn’t changed.

My mind flashes back to one of my favourite films of all time (which I must mention in this article) ‘The Breakfast Club’ (1985) in which each of the adolescent characters represents the five cornerstones of society. Although, as people, we do not represent purely one of them the ‘Jock, Princess, Criminal, Brain and Basket Case’, the five main characters in the film, we however seem oddly resonant of today’s society interested in love and surviving within not the most idyllic of settings and the relationships that form in-between it all.

Surprisingly enough, it is the older generations that set the example, as they are the generation that grew up with this golden age. It is them who fuelling this revival. Many of the creators of our favourite shows such as ‘Stranger Things’ creators the Duffer Brothers, lived in that era as kids, and took their influences from that. Its interesting to watch these shows with my parents, who also come from this era, because they pick out minute details and references that they remember; things that I would have never noticed.

This therefore sets the stage for the remakes; shows and movies popular in the 80’s that have graced our scenes within the last few months. Films like Star Wars (even though the first film was made in 1977 the rest of the trilogy was made in the 80’s), blade runner and various Star Trek films have all had a new Hollywood treatment… and these tend to do very well within the box office, to the point where especially for Star Wars whole new sagas and sequels are being created. Even though there are some that may have flopped- *cough*Ghostbusters(2016)*cough*- it made a lot of money.

And this isn’t just films, 80’s music is coming back in a big way. The 80’s vibe features a fresh almost indie feel to music and have featured within the charts. I wouldn’t mind mentioning interesting and innovative bands such as ‘the 1975’ and ‘Pale Waves’ (who I think is going to do amazingly in the coming year) with their indie twists to the genre. Thrift store and revival fashion is additionally working its way into our lives too. I can’t remember a time before I had become acquainted with my vintage denim Levi’s jacket, that I use on a daily basis.

To be honest, I am loving this stylistic mishmash of modern customs intertwined with the past. It adds texture to this apparent fast moving community we live in. Despite seeming dated, I truly think that it has contributed remarkable things in pop culture, especially. Even though you may find it hard to get past all those notorious spoilers and long-lasting legacy from these films, as I know how hard it was living under a rock for two weeks before seeing ‘The Last Jedi’, I am grateful for the new saga films and TV show being there. Hopefully now, being the start of much more great revamps from the eighties to come.