Feeling Overwhelmed?
Meditation is the answer

By Steph Peters

Take a moment... ask yourself when did you take a moment to do nothing? Not eating,
talking, emailing, texting, not even sitting and reminiscing about the past, just nothing. Your answer to this question is probably that you can’t remember or have to go a long way back.

The pace of life is frantic and we are so busy processing, thinking and interpreting, that we scare remember to look after the thing we rely upon to do all this for us-the mind. Due to the widespread information we receive from the media about the importance of mental wellbeing, you may feel that you already understand it and have put it to the back of your mind with the busyness of everyday life. I felt exactly the same, and yet when some
pressures begun to build up, I wondered why I felt overwhelmed and felt out of control-when actually I never took the time out to look after the mind. Day to day life goes by so fast, and often you aren’t given a moment of boredom to reflect upon it! It’s not only about letting yourself re-energise when you feel the pressure is on, but is also important even when it’s not. After all, it can easily become a worthwhile and beneficial part of your routine.
I have only recently started meditating and have reaped the rewards it offers immediately.

Not only does it rewire your thought processes, but also makes you a more calm, controlled and relaxed person as you tune into your mind and purely observe it. A lot of the time we have confusing emotions popping out of nowhere and it is very easy to focus on them, letting our brains become a little circuit as we notice everything we are feeling until we are lost in it and are not appreciating the present moment. A Harvard study has even found that 47% of the time our minds are lost in thought! So it’s time to get out of your head.


It’s simple, you can slot it into your morning or evening for 5-10 minutes every day; it can help you get energised in the morning and wind you down for sleep. I really recommend the app ‘Calm’ if you need to do it more on-the-go and Headspace is of course also brilliant.

Check out ‘Stop spending so much time in your head- Darius Foroux’ for a very interesting article aswell (https://dariusforoux.com/stop-spending-time-in-your-head/)