Black Panther: Film Review


By Anna Bodman


As a self-confessed Marvel nerd, I was nothing short of hyped for the release of Black Panther and the introduction of a new superhero into my favourite cinematic universe. And so, naturally, I booked tickets to see it opening night.
My verdict? It was brilliant. Groundbreakingly brilliant. The characters, plot, music, moral and script all left me in my seat wanting more.

Firstly, characters. One thing that Marvel Studios does exceptionally well in every movie they release is create characters that you can’t help but fall in love with, even if they are the villain. Black Panther was no different with every single character, however minor, being developed, deep and different. For me, the stand out roles were definitely Shuri and the Michael B Jordan’s character, both breaking the mould for what you may expect and showing that Marvel is capable of producing characters that aren’t annoyingly stagnant and perfect in every way – I’m looking at you Captain America.

Next up, the plot. I could actually talk about this for hours but, for the sake of keeping this spoiler free, I’ll keep it short. Black Panthers plot was so fresh to watch. It incorporated political themes and dark, deep real work issues without losing that Superhero Origin Story that we all know and love. I truly felt Black Panther had its own ‘feel’ to it, whilst still remaining true to Marvel’s style and continuing the franchise in a way that didn’t feel forced.

A Black Panther review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about its soundtrack. Curated by none other than Kendrick Lamar, it complements the movie beautifully, giving it a vibe similar to the Guardian movies. It also emphasises black talen tin the music industry, which leads me on to…DIVERSITY.

I have never seen such a diverse cast, which is what makes this movie so ground-breaking. Not only will this movie empower different races from across the globe, it also does a great job of portraying women as powerful, strong individuals – something Marvel struggles to do in its more traditional movies. I promise that, when you leave the cinema, you will be in awe of the heaps of black talent you have just witnesses.

Overall, I can’t think of one bad comment of this movie, and it seems as though the box office agrees with me! If you haven’t seen it yet, get up and book yourself a ticket to witness the beauty that is Marvel’s Black Panther.