Why We Should Vote Green?

By Ollie Newcombe


I know the stigma which follows the thee syllable phrase ‘Green Party’, when I heard someone say they want to vote green for the first time, my immediate thought was probably similar to your very own when reading the title of this article.



Young people and their futures have been entirely disregarded by our current government with a greater focus on fox hunting than the future of this country. It is an indisputable fact we- the young people of this country will shape what is to become of our nation but the current government seem to neglect this information by making the future seem harder for and more unreachable for more and more students. What is even more insulting to our generation is that it is us who will feel the full effect of government policy, so why are the government neglecting the needs and hopeful futures of our generation?


Logically, you would’ve thought that the main parties in Westminster would angle their policies towards the younger generations of our society and to help them with the problems they are facing now and soon to be in the very near future for the simple fact that we are future voters and their decisions now, will impact our future voting choice. However we have come to realise that a cloud of ageism had been affixed over Westminster. Us as young people face the most distressing challenges than almost any other generation before us. So why are the government consistently failing to address any of the issues that will soon take form in our country?


Our generation is winding it way to a detrimental future with the growth in median wages being 0% and people under the age of 45 being 10% poorer today than they were in 2007. Combined with the critical housing crisis with homeownership at an all time low- a baby boomer at age 30 was 50% more likely to own their home than a millennial the same age, this is due to the eye sore that is our current housing prices. With the average house price in 2010 at just 170,000 compared to the bank breaking 210,000 it was in 2016 and it will only rise.


The political ageism does not end there, more worryingly is the state of our future pensions- or lack of to be more precise. Nothing is more insulting to our future than the employers exchange from defined benefit to defined contribution. This transfer robs us of 36 Billion pounds of employee compensation and our losses mount to 3/4 of the wealth that our parents have or are guaranteed. And it looks like we have little hope of patching up this loss with our own contributions, as people aged 16-34 have seen their wealth decline by 10% but let us not forget

how long it will take us to contribute to this with the average £44,000 of debt that a basic university education will leave us with. If this ageism isn’t blatant enough we are faced with theinjustice of age related wage gaps which mean that a sixteen year old could do the same job as an eighteen year old but legally get paid less. To add even more salt to the wound, 2/3’s of the 2.7 trillion pounds of new wealth since 2007 has been centred to the 65+ citizens in our country.


While other parties do offer solutions to these frightening economic problems, they are old solutions which cannot fix new problems. Our government’s large parties recycle the same proposal to fix problems which they have never had to solve before. Logically, you can see the flaws within this- it won’t make things worse but, it simply won’t resolve anything. This is why we, as the only ones who can change the course of our political, social and economic future must vote for the new solutions.


I know the stigma which follows the thee syllable phrase ‘Green Party’, when I heard someone say they want to vote green for the first time, my immediate thought was probably similar to your very own when reading the title of this article. However after researching into this party I uncovered that their policies might not all be centred around planting trees. Some of these new policies make the future for us look a little more brighter with them pushing to reinstate housing benefit for under 21’s and invest hugely in community house building projects to secure affordable and secure housing. They want to rid this thick cloud of ageism by scrapping these unjustified age related wage bands. This party are encouraging our specialist education not hindering it like our current government by wanting to scrap tuition fees and restore living grants and they want to expand our opportunities by guaranteeing the rights of young people to study, work and live in the EU.


Even more so, they want to give us an unbiased political education which will help all understand the inter working of this country and therefore provide a solid basis for lowering the voting age to sixteen. This is by far the policy that impacts us the most as it gives us the opportunity of actively vote and change the county into one we want to live in before we are eighteen and unable to make a difference in the areas that affects us during our first years of adulthood.


Ultimately, if you want an economically stable and a fairer society in which to live in- you should

vote green.