Latte Levy: What You Need to Know


New studies have discovered that citizens in the UK throw away enough takeaway drink cups to circle the planet nearly six times per year. As a result of this staggering statistic, MPs plan to ban all non-recyclable cups by 2023 and increase charges to companies that do not adhere to the policy.

Caffiene: The World's Favourite Psychoactive Drug


Caffeine, a substance consumed daily by 80% of the world’s population, has become the only socially acceptable psychoactive drug. The natural stimulant is found in coffee, chocolate and soft drinks, all of which are available to buy in college. So, what do you know about its effects?

Veganism: Force for Good or a Fashionable Fad?


Lately, there seems to be incessant debate regarding the benefits and detriments of veganism. There is controversy about whether we have a moral obligation to avoid cruelty to animals by following a plant-based diet and using cruelty-free brands. Never before has this strict lifestyle choice been so prominent in the media, with notable celebrity endorsement from Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Jared Leto, to name just a few. In response to increased demand, major supermarkets are making veganism more

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