8 Tips to Becoming more Resilient


Resilience is probably something that all of us have had drilled into us from primary school assemblies, but why is it so important to be resilient? Clinical Psychologist Meg Jay has shared 8 practical ways to bounce back instead of battle!

Feeling Overwhelmed? Meditation is the answer


Take a moment... ask yourself when did you take a moment to do nothing? Not eating, talking, emailing, texting, not even sitting and reminiscing about the past, just nothing. Your answer to this question is probably that you can’t remember or have to go a long way back.

Cult of Hunger


To overstate any one of the Kardashians’ influence over the collective conscience of the internet is frankly impossible. The most minor of actions are sure to be noted, with spectators waiting with bated breath for the next scandal. The masses need a spectacle (full disclosure- myself fully included). Yet it’s inevitable that at points such scenes are going to breach the boundary between simple entertainment and that which holds actual, tangible implications over real world issues.

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