Why We Should All Vote Green?


I know the stigma which follows the thee syllable phrase ‘Green Party’, when I heard someone say they want to vote green for the first time, my immediate thought was probably similar to your very own when reading the title of this article.

Meritoracy of Makeup


I for one am partial to the frequent splurge on branded makeup, skincare, haircare you name it, I’ve probably wasted money on it. But through this unending drain on my bank account, I have found a few brands that work and those that make me question their motives for creating a global brand and entering the beauty world.

The Whips: are they destroying democracy?


For all of you that don’t know, the whips are people who work for the political parties whose primary objective is to make sure the MPs in the parties are doing what is asked by the party. This means making sure they stand in the same corner of your party on specific issues, as well as voting specific ways on important issues. Sounds useful right?

Trump vs Nixon: How similar are they?


Many people think Trump’s presidency is a completely abstract concept that has ever been seen before, but there are more similarities between Trump and Nixon in their presidencies than you might think. Nixon’s presidency ended in near impeachment. Could Trump follow in his footsteps?

So What's the Deal with Gut Feeling?


We are so quick to ignore our intuition when we make decisions. Perhaps this is because it feels like we are relying on uncertainty and ‘external forces’ to guide us, something that seems ridiculous to very rational and logical thinkers. But there may actually be a reason why so many people have been successful through trusting their gut - I recommend Magnus Walker’s story for one.

Once Upon a Social Divide


‘The reason being that I won’t attribute intelligence to money’ Over the past week Barton Peveril entered a debate team into the regional qualifiers of the Oxford Union debating competition. The competition was held by St Catherine Independent School in Bramley, Guildford and some of the other schools/colleges that participated were: Hampshire Collegiate, Royal Grammar School, Peter Symonds, Gordon’s School, King’s School and Collingwood School. One of the most startling contrasts I observed wa

Why We Have An International Women’s Day


International women’s day. Recently I have been witness to the obscene controversy surrounding this amazing day. It has been dubbed ‘International Moan day’ and has been met with ‘Where’s international Mens day?’, ‘It’s oppressive to males!’ And the occasional ‘It is further us from equality by separating men and women’. What makes this more disgraceful is that these are just the ones that I’ve heard myself. This day was created by the UN on the basis of celebrating women, something that would h

May The Best Girl Win


May the best girl win. What image does this phrase conjure up in your mind ? Personally it paints a picture of a beauty pageant, girls being paraded on a catwalk in front of a crowd who give their judgement on these women- choosing which one they view to be more desirable than the others. Essentially pitting them against each other.

WTF is Net Neutrality?


Everyone has probably seen #NetNeutrality all over twitter, but what actually is it and why does it matter to me?

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